"Century-old companies are like century-old people: rare, centurial Wall St Firms that have been in continuous business are even rarer. Since my grandfather started this business in 1910 we have excelled in supporting our clients through the best and worst market conditions.” 

- Johnathan Q. Frey, Charmain Emeritus of J. Streicher


Performance Measured in Decades 

J. Streicher Holdings LLC through its subsidiaries (“J. Streicher“) is a private and diverse US based 100-year-old financial organization is committed to using its strong and established relationships to serve our clients. Our company is built on tradition, personal relationships, innovation, and unwavering principles.

J. Streicher is backed by a track record of more than a century; the firm has specialized in supporting our clients through the best and worst market conditions. Our employees are talented and seasoned professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of domestic and global markets.

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Evolving and Adapting for Over a Century

In 1910 Joseph Streicher formed J. Streicher. Shortly thereafter Mr. Streicher joined the New York Curb Exchange, predecessor of the American Stock Exchange, and began trading securities on Wall St.

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Products & Services

J.Streicher specialises in providing a broad range of financial products and services to assist our clients across a variety of different areas. Our industry track record and heritage means we have a detailed understanding of how to help clients achieve their goals whether it be through private equity, real estate investments or working as strategic partners.

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J.Streicher & Co

J. Streicher & Co. LLC is the oldest specialist electronic Designated Market Maker unit on Wall Street. The NYSE/NYSE American Designated Market Maker is the most progressive of broker dealer equity market makers with a state-of-the-art business model and there is only one Designated Market Maker per NYSE listed security.